The Felted Ewe proudly offers Quality Reverse Barb Felting Needles in Sizes 36T, 38T or 40T! Reverse Barb Felting Needles are used to pull fibers out in order to create a fuzzy or furry surface on your Needle Felted Sculpture or Picture. When using these needles be sure to use a core color inside your sculpture that is the color of the fur you are going to want. These Quality Reverse Barb Felting Needles are 3" long & are made from carbon steel. They are available to you in quantities of 1, 3 or 6 in the same size or 1 of each in a 3 Pack Assortment! When you order the Assortment, select "3 Pack Assortment" & "Assortment". The Quantity of 6 Felting Needles are packaged in a protective Felting Needle Storage Tube. Please note that although Felting Needles are strong, they are also brittle. See instructions below to help them last as long as possible.

Help Your Felting Needles Last Longer!
 Please pay attention to the way you needle felt. If you see the tip of your felting needle bow or bend as you are poking into your piece, this is an indicator that you are applying sideways pressure to your felting needle & it will snap. You can poke in & out at any angle as long as the tip of your felting needle stays straight. Do not use your felting needle to pick at or pry the fibers of your project as, this too, will cause your felting needle to snap. If you've read this anyplace else, verbatim, they copied it from me! Teaching at shows, you have no idea how many times I've said these lines. So much Fun though!

Felting Needles are very sharp. This craft is not recommended for children under the age of 11.
Please keep out of reach of Small Children & Pets.

Reverse Barb Felting Needles