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Let your imagination run Wild with your Custom Deluxe Critter Fur Needle Felting Kit! Your kit includes everything you're going to need to Needle Felt several of your favorite Furry Friends!

What's in Your Needle Felting Kit?
Basic Instructions, 1 oz. of Fluffy Core Wool, 1 Small Foam Felting Surface, 1 Needle Pack - All 6 Sizes, 1 Reverse Felting Needle to Create Fur, 1 Wooden Single Needle Holder, 1 Pair of White Leather Finger Guards, 2 - 36" Lengths of 20 Gauge White Fiber Wrapped Armature Wire, 3 Pair of 4mm Black Glass Beads for Eyes & Ten 1/2 oz. Critter Fur Wool Roving & Batt Colors! Colors included are as follows: DR2 Polar Bear, NR4 Au' Natural, NR11 Frolicking Fawn, NR12 Crafty as a Fox, NR14 Moxy Mink, NR7 Playin' Possum, NR17 Timber Wolf,NR8 In like Flint, NR9 Smoke n' Ashes & DR57 Queen of Spades.

*Colors may be substituted if we are Out of Stock of any listed.

Want it Customized? You can select from any of our Wool Roving & Batt colors! Just write your Color Selections down on a piece of paper. Select "Custom Colors!" from the Drop Menu then type your color choices into the "I Gotta Have These Colors" box. It's that easy!

Felting Needles are very sharp. This craft is not recommended for children under the age of 11. Some pieces are small & could be a Choking Hazard.

Please keep out of reach of Small Children & Pets.

Custom Deluxe Critter Fur 10 Wool Color Needle Felting Kit

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